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No, I didn’t present today, but I know how I’m going to tomorrow! I observed other people, and their Prezi’s, and I now have a lot of ideas! 

Oh my goodness, yay! The tab button is working. Now I can properly indent like…like a CRATER. Ignore me, I have problems!

For my Prezi tomorrow, I realize that I will HAVE TO SPEAK LOUD. MY WHISPER TALKING WON’T DO ANYBODY ANY GOO- Oh sorry, it’s still on caps. I have no work on my volume, and make sure I’m speaking at a moderate volume- not whispering, and not SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS, LIKE THIS- Actually…I’m typing at the top  of my lungs…Well, typing at the top of my fingers, because I think typing at the top of your lungs is kind of weird, and unnatural. 

I will also have to have something cool to hook the audience in. I’m tired of hearing about “Oh, well we have great coffee!” Well, guess what? You can keep your coffee! No, just kidding. Ha, I was just kidding on just kidding. Are you confused? Because, I’d be confused, if you weren’t confused, which would be quite confusing, resulting in utter confusion. 

Oh yes, and I’ll also have to remember to dress professionally. Ugh! Not my favorite thing to do in the world, and not even close to it, but it’s worth 10 points on the Prezi Presentation Project. And, I want the full 100! And a bonus if possible! Wait a second, ha-ha, try saying Prezi Presentation Project ten times fast.

Take care my dear, sweet, blog readers!

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