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Prezi Preparation!

 Wow, my blog title would be so much cooler if I spelled it as Preh-zay Pre-Sehn-Tay-Shun. I love exaggerating the syllables like that…

 Anyway, after my daily random rambling, I wanted to say what we did in tech class today. Uh-uh…Here it goes…WE STARTED WORKING ON OUR PREZI’S!!! I. Am. So. excited. I cannot wait…but I’ll have to…

 I want to make my Prezi the best it could possibly be. In fact, I want it even better than the best it can possibly be. I will work extra hard, and stop looking for squirells outside the window.

 Oh, and if you don’t know what a Prezi is, it’s a really cool type of presentation, and it looks like this —-)

 That’s a sneak peak of mine!

 Tune in, and stare in awe (again) at Japan’s awesomeness.

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