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Today’s Activities

 Konnichiwa Little Trees! Ignore my bad combination of attempted Japanese and Native American, and act like I never typed that…

 Anyway, tech class was really fun, as usual. So, in order to plan a trip for a person, you have to find out what they like! If you tell them to go to a certain place, they will think your crazy, and won’t ever hire you again, and then tell their friends, or something like that!

 We had to find places in our cities (Tokyo, Japan), that were to Ms.Siglers liking. It was a really good chance to get to know her better too! I think I won with sumo wrestling! Anwyay… Ms.Sigler told us some things she liked, and we had to find cool places from there, and take guesses.

 Thank you guys!

P.S. Wow these kids in tech class type really loud. They need like, special keyboard muters…if those even exist.

 P.S.S. Look at how awesoem Japan’s McDonalds are. Excuse me as I stand in awe.

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