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 Hello people of the blog…even though I think that’s only me, but whatever, I don’t really care, but I kind of do. Wow, I have problems…


 Today in tech class, we used Google Maps to find the distance, like how much you would have to walk, to a destination in your city. Excuse me while I cough behind my back and say Tokyo, Japan. Okay.

 I’m going to post a screen shot of what I did right down there, which would be the distance from my hotel, to the Ginza, an awesome place I planned to go to on my itinerary.

 The next one is from the Ginza, to the National Musuem of Nature and Science.

 And the last one I did today was the National Museum of Nature and Science to Meji Shrine, a shrine I planned on visiting.

 Thanks for watching- er, reading!

And don’t forget- Tamagotchi’s are awesome.

Stare at it in awe!

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