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 Hello people! I’m so sorry for not being on here lately. We’ve been working so hard, we barely had time to do blog posts. Right here, as I type on this oversized, but awesome laptop, I only have a few minutes.

 So, today we Google Translated phrases that we might need to get around in our cities,which is again, Tokyo Japan for me, for all you wonderful but so wonderful people who don’t pay attention.

 What that looked like, was typing in a phrase in Microsoft Word  that you thought would most likely use in Japan in english, then on the column to the right, you would write it in Japanese, or the language the people in your city speak. However, Japan has a character system also, so I included the Kanji too! I had a really fun time doing that.

See this? That’s my blog post in Japanese! Romanji (English characters) and Kanji (Japanese characters)!

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