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Continuing the Budget Process

 Hello my blog reader people! We continued working on our budget today in tech class, and I’d like to show and tell you what we’ve done.

 First off, we Googled, and searched the prices of items we were going to pay for, and put it under the cost column I discussed in the previous blog post, which was next to the link, as again, was explained in the blog post right before this one.

 Once we put all the prices in, Microsoft  Excel has this really cool, and very easy adding system, that helped us with adding all the costs of the items. All we had to do was:

  • Highlight the column that had out prices
  • Click on the “formula” tab
  • Click auto-sum!

 As you see, it’s really easy, and not complicated at all. In fact, it’s so easy a caveman can do it! Except, they kind of can’t. It’d be really creepy, and scary if they came alive from their ice block preservation thingy, and used a computer, considering the fact I don’t even think they can use a toilet. Anyway…

 One surprising thing about my research today was I found out that Japan was one of the most expensive countries! I thought that only their famous, and well known cities were ridiculously overpriced.

Now this looks really expensive! -

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