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So Far in Technology

Well, I’m sure everybody who has read this blog, knows that I have been putting a lot of work into this blog, but with a lot of work, comes a lot of words.

In the beginning… - No just kidding, but really- in the beginning…

I made a list of the top three places I wanted to study for my job as a Travel Agent.

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Beijing China

After seriously considering what would be the best choice for me, I narrowed it down to Tokyo, Japan, which is also, the best city ever!

After I selected my dream destination, I made a business card, making me even more professional! Of course, you have to have a business card.

What came next after that was I researched the places that Tokyo, Japan had to offer, like some really cool places you had to check out, to get the full awesome Tokyo experience. I selected a few places that were absolutely necessary to visit to know you had a great time, then moved onto what had to happen for you even get there! Guess! Too late~!

I then transferred over to searching for available flights to Tokyo, Japan that you could take. I had a really great time looking at the different flights, and the ridiculous prices. One crazy price I remember is $11,633! No thank you though, I’d be willing to take a bus instead. But see, there’s this problem I need you to help me with…Does anybody know how to get buses over water? No? Okay, never mind.

Let’s move on to the next activity! What we did in the next activity was view the different time zones our locations had. I couldn’t believe Tokyo was 13 hours ahead of us! The way the world is, is quite interesting. We also looked at the weather our destinations had. For me, again, my destination was the one, and the only, Tokyo, Japan! Wow, I just realized that would have sounded so much better if I had a table to stand on, and a red flying cape on my back. Speaking of clothing , like capes, which were oh-so randomly brought up, you had to of course had the appropriate clothes to match the weather! And no, I don’t mean like if it’s sunny and bright outside, you wear a dress made of light bulbs- life doesn’t revolve around you, Lady Gaga, okay?  What I mean by having appropriate clothes to match the weather, is if it’s hot outside, you don’t have on a parka coat- you have on a T-shirt, a pair of capri’s, and flip-flops, or something similar to that!

The latest activity we have accomplished so far was making an itinerary for what we were going to do the first day we arrived at our location. I had a really fun time, and put everything that I wanted to do down on my itinerary, so I won’t miss out on anything epic. Who would want to miss out on anything epic in Tokyo, Japan? Not me!

And this America, has been a not-so-very-but-kind-of brief summary of what we’ve been doing in tech class so far. I can’t wait for what happens next! But actually, I kind of have to.

Take care everybody! Thanks for reading! It really makes me happy knowing you read it. Thank you again~

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