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Time Zones

In Tech Class, we learn many things. However, what we learned today was what time it is in my destination, which would be Tokyo, Japan of course! Let’s show you a bit of what I learned~

  • Tokyo, Japan is 13 hours ahead of the upper east cost.

Here’s the screen shot~ Taken at 2:48

There was also different weather in Tokyo, Japan~

Pertaining to the information given about the weather, if I were to go tomorrow, the type of clothing I would most likely pack in my suitcase would be something light, like maybe a T-shirt, and capri’s or shorts. I would also pack flip-flops. And Maya said “Let the air circulate…through your toes!”

My fashion taste obviously is like, the second worst in the world. First place goes to my sister who wore Steve Urkel suspenders to a date, by the way. But anyway, here’s something similar to what I would wear.


As some very annoying Beyonce msuic plays in the backround, this blog post turns to a close.

Wait- nevermind! Ha, I just tricked you! You were just tricked~!

Anyway, what about next month? Nobody ever cares about next month right? Wrong! Don’t worry October, I still remember you…even thougth you have that ridiculous, meaningless in my opnion holiday called Halloween… But anyway, besides my awesome point on like, the worst holiday ever invented, I’m going to tell you what I would wear in October!

I heard that October’s weather is nice and warm, excluding the great heat, and humidity that September brings sometimes. In this case, I would still pack T-shirts, and instead of capri’s, I would pack some jeans. Also, sneakers would be a great choice.

Also, maybe like this picture, a cute shirt and skirt.

You can’t forget the doggies!

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