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Looking At Flights

¬†Well, today in Technology, we were looking at different flights. I had a really fun time, and now it’s time to show you what I did!

The cheapest flight from this city in New Jersey, to Tokyo, Japan is-

$1,185! That’s a very good price compared to the outrageous flight that I came across.

The most ridiculously expensive flight I found was-

I was a disgustingly high price of $11,633! Now that’s going to be an empty plane. It’s so annoying how people overprice everything these days. Well, Tokyo, Japan is a pretty- no, very awesome place, but these ridiculous prices should have its limits.

The airline I’m going to fly on would be Asiana Airlines, the cheapest flight of $1,185. It’s cheaper than my guitar lessons I think x_x.

Um, can I like, get there by bike? It might like, take a few thousand years, but I’ll be alright!

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