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Places to Visit in Tokyo, Japan

 I had a REALLY great day in Technology today. At the beginning of class, we were supposed to choose the place we wanted to study for the Travel Agent project. I guess choosing the place was first come- no, first type, first serve. This silly laptop had to be charged (I am soooo carrying around a desktop with me in college), and somebody chose Tokyo, Japan before me. Please don’t think I’m spoiled or anything, because I’m so far from that, but I was really, really sad. Then, the person who selected Tokyo, Japan most likely knew that I wanted to do that city, and absolutely adored it, actually let me have it. That was EXTREMELY nice of her, I mean like, thank you will not cut it. I’ll work extra harder on this project to prove I deserved to work on Tokyo, Japan. I am extremely thankful! Thank you once again Kayla, that was very nice!

A nice place to visit in Tokyo, Japan, was the National Musuem of Nature and Science, which sounds cool to me also.

 For all the shoppers out there, an extremely well-known, shopping center area place, whatever-you-call-it, filled with- know what? Why don’t we just call it a shopping area? It’s a beautiful place to go to it seems, crowded from the popularity. If a lot of people are there, you must know it’s amazing. Would you want to go to a completely empty shopping area? And I mean, a shopping area that’s always empty, and not because you’re the first ones out waiting for the stores to open. No? That’s right.

 The Ginza is filled with different people, wearing different styles. You should go there and take a look!

Another thing you can do in Tokyo, Japan is just simply bike around. There’s plenty of cool sights to see, by pedaling on two wheels. It’s also cheaper than taking the bus, or some other transportation. Be sure to pack your bento box!

Blend in with the crowd…

Or seperate yourself from them.

My Top 3 Vacation Places

         My abosolute, with no thinking involved favorite vacation place would be Tokyo, Japan. If you did not know that already, GET OFF MY BLOG RIGHT NOW. No, just kidding, read my blog, I need this grade. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Tokyo, Japan has thousands of things to offer. It’s one of the most lively cities you might have ever heard of in your life. Me, just being me, I would go there to do some sight seeing, and see what their daily lives are like, which I know I would definitely love. For you ugh, weird little shopping loving people, I will have to say, with no doubt, Japan is the number one, best shopping experience you will ever have in your little lives.

My second choice would be Seoul, South Korea. I don’t have the greatest knowledge of it, but I know that it is an amazing, wonderful city, full of the most wonderful things, after Tokyo Japan- no, just Japan in general. I’m sorry Korea, I love you, but Japan just has that special place in my heart. They made the Tamagotchi’s, and I love those things~!!! Anyway, before you readers became distracted by my weirdness, I was saying- well wanted to say that Korea should be an equal, or close to, amazing shopping, and fashion experience.

My third vacation pick would be Beijing, China. I don’t know that much about it, but I’ve heard it’s a really nice place. Another thing I’ve heard is that Beijing has the Great Wall of China. That would be really cool to see while traveling.

Starting Out

When you travel, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the cost of the whole trip. Nobody would want to spend their whole life savings on the vacation.

Also, the most important thing you need is to have fun. You wouldn’t want to go walking through awesome amazing museum, and then that’s it, there’s nothing else like it. You want the whole area around to to be a museum, that has everything you can ever think of. You want the place to be overflowing with variety.

Yeah, that’s the kind of place you might want to travel to.

P.S. I like kitty cats :D

Memory Game: Recording with Sound

 TODAY WAS TERRIBLE- no just kidding (insert smiley face).  At first, I didn’t want to record, being the only one in the room. Soon, lots of people started recorded too, so I joined in (insert smiley face). The sound is simple, and all you need is a red button (insert smiley face). The mic was on the laptop, so I found that really helpful, unlike on my desktop at home (insert sad face).



Writing About Memories

 Konnichiwa~! I had a really fun time today writing about what I remembered from the three objects I chose. It was fun laughing at all the crazy stuff that happened. Let’s just say don’t toss things in the air that you don’t want to get accused for, for the rest of your life.

 I can’t wait until we add sound tomorrow!




Bringing Back Memories

 Konnichiwa Tumblr-San! Today, Ms.Sigler asked us to think of 3 toys that you played with when you were little. One thing that I’m really excited to talk about is the Play Station 2. Heh heh, don’t ask me why. Tomorrow, we will work on sound!. This thing really didn’t bring back any memories, it’s not like I remember them (insert sad with face “D” then a colon).

 I can’t wait until tomorrow!

Jaa Mata Tumblr,


The Dancing Sprite

 Oh. My. Goodness. This was the most fun activity I have ever done on Scratch. I was awestruck at all the possibilities that could happen. I loved rotating the sprite, making it wave at some times.

 I put a cute little backround of a room, and have a picture on the wall  of Goldie drinking out the toilet.

 Tomorrow, I cant wait to present. I need some idea on what to do now! I guarantee you that I’ll be thinking!



Thoughts About Egypt

 What are young people worth? Nothing, you say? They’re worth HISTORY. I can’t believe that all these young people in Egypt are currently making the change. Hard to believe? Believe it.

 I feel honored being able to live through this historic tragedy. If the older people in the goverment have a dent in the say, the younger ones have a crater.

 If Facebook and Twitter actually have a meaning, I can stop talking about my kitty cat, and discuss things that actually matter in the world, or things that will help it.

 My perspective on a dictatorship is it’s terrible. No, I have not ever lived in a dictatorship country, or place, but from the outside looking in, it’s just a nightmare. I am truly grateful to live in this Democracy goverment.

 It’s interesting how the internet can change the world. Imagine if we DIDN’T have it. Egypt would probaly still be hurting on the inside.

 America should feel really bad about not trying to help the problem. On an interview I was watching, a person said that he thought it was nice for the president to say something about the problem, but he didn’t really care about it, because he decided to step in just now. If the USA can butt their heads in Vietnam’s lawn, they could have done the same with Egypt and try to snip little bits of their grass.



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