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Prezi Presentation Presentors

No, I didn’t present today, but I know how I’m going to tomorrow! I observed other people, and their Prezi’s, and I now have a lot of ideas! 

Oh my goodness, yay! The tab button is working. Now I can properly indent like…like a CRATER. Ignore me, I have problems!

For my Prezi tomorrow, I realize that I will HAVE TO SPEAK LOUD. MY WHISPER TALKING WON’T DO ANYBODY ANY GOO- Oh sorry, it’s still on caps. I have no work on my volume, and make sure I’m speaking at a moderate volume- not whispering, and not SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS, LIKE THIS- Actually…I’m typing at the top  of my lungs…Well, typing at the top of my fingers, because I think typing at the top of your lungs is kind of weird, and unnatural. 

I will also have to have something cool to hook the audience in. I’m tired of hearing about “Oh, well we have great coffee!” Well, guess what? You can keep your coffee! No, just kidding. Ha, I was just kidding on just kidding. Are you confused? Because, I’d be confused, if you weren’t confused, which would be quite confusing, resulting in utter confusion. 

Oh yes, and I’ll also have to remember to dress professionally. Ugh! Not my favorite thing to do in the world, and not even close to it, but it’s worth 10 points on the Prezi Presentation Project. And, I want the full 100! And a bonus if possible! Wait a second, ha-ha, try saying Prezi Presentation Project ten times fast.

Take care my dear, sweet, blog readers!

Prezi Preparation!

 Wow, my blog title would be so much cooler if I spelled it as Preh-zay Pre-Sehn-Tay-Shun. I love exaggerating the syllables like that…

 Anyway, after my daily random rambling, I wanted to say what we did in tech class today. Uh-uh…Here it goes…WE STARTED WORKING ON OUR PREZI’S!!! I. Am. So. excited. I cannot wait…but I’ll have to…

 I want to make my Prezi the best it could possibly be. In fact, I want it even better than the best it can possibly be. I will work extra hard, and stop looking for squirells outside the window.

 Oh, and if you don’t know what a Prezi is, it’s a really cool type of presentation, and it looks like this —-)

 That’s a sneak peak of mine!

 Tune in, and stare in awe (again) at Japan’s awesomeness.

Today’s Activities

 Konnichiwa Little Trees! Ignore my bad combination of attempted Japanese and Native American, and act like I never typed that…

 Anyway, tech class was really fun, as usual. So, in order to plan a trip for a person, you have to find out what they like! If you tell them to go to a certain place, they will think your crazy, and won’t ever hire you again, and then tell their friends, or something like that!

 We had to find places in our cities (Tokyo, Japan), that were to Ms.Siglers liking. It was a really good chance to get to know her better too! I think I won with sumo wrestling! Anwyay… Ms.Sigler told us some things she liked, and we had to find cool places from there, and take guesses.

 Thank you guys!

P.S. Wow these kids in tech class type really loud. They need like, special keyboard muters…if those even exist.

 P.S.S. Look at how awesoem Japan’s McDonalds are. Excuse me as I stand in awe.

Location Directions

 Hello people of the blog…even though I think that’s only me, but whatever, I don’t really care, but I kind of do. Wow, I have problems…


 Today in tech class, we used Google Maps to find the distance, like how much you would have to walk, to a destination in your city. Excuse me while I cough behind my back and say Tokyo, Japan. Okay.

 I’m going to post a screen shot of what I did right down there, which would be the distance from my hotel, to the Ginza, an awesome place I planned to go to on my itinerary.

 The next one is from the Ginza, to the National Musuem of Nature and Science.

 And the last one I did today was the National Museum of Nature and Science to Meji Shrine, a shrine I planned on visiting.

 Thanks for watching- er, reading!

And don’t forget- Tamagotchi’s are awesome.

Stare at it in awe!


 Hello people! I’m so sorry for not being on here lately. We’ve been working so hard, we barely had time to do blog posts. Right here, as I type on this oversized, but awesome laptop, I only have a few minutes.

 So, today we Google Translated phrases that we might need to get around in our cities,which is again, Tokyo Japan for me, for all you wonderful but so wonderful people who don’t pay attention.

 What that looked like, was typing in a phrase in Microsoft Word  that you thought would most likely use in Japan in english, then on the column to the right, you would write it in Japanese, or the language the people in your city speak. However, Japan has a character system also, so I included the Kanji too! I had a really fun time doing that.

See this? That’s my blog post in Japanese! Romanji (English characters) and Kanji (Japanese characters)!

Continuing the Budget Process

 Hello my blog reader people! We continued working on our budget today in tech class, and I’d like to show and tell you what we’ve done.

 First off, we Googled, and searched the prices of items we were going to pay for, and put it under the cost column I discussed in the previous blog post, which was next to the link, as again, was explained in the blog post right before this one.

 Once we put all the prices in, Microsoft  Excel has this really cool, and very easy adding system, that helped us with adding all the costs of the items. All we had to do was:

  • Highlight the column that had out prices
  • Click on the “formula” tab
  • Click auto-sum!

 As you see, it’s really easy, and not complicated at all. In fact, it’s so easy a caveman can do it! Except, they kind of can’t. It’d be really creepy, and scary if they came alive from their ice block preservation thingy, and used a computer, considering the fact I don’t even think they can use a toilet. Anyway…

 One surprising thing about my research today was I found out that Japan was one of the most expensive countries! I thought that only their famous, and well known cities were ridiculously overpriced.

Now this looks really expensive! -

Todays Overview

 Hello Tech Class, and everybody else reading the letters off the screen what I typed! What we did in tech class was really fun, much like all days spent here. Todays task was to make a spreadsheet, which held the budgets we were going to make for our vacation.

 The first column on the spreadsheet was the name of the item to make a budget for. The second column indicated what the actual budget would be, while the third column held the link of where you received the evidence of your budget. It would be pretty inconvenient to assume something was quite cheap, while it turned out to be quite expensive, and then you go over your budget paying for it.

 This is what a spreadsheet for a budget might look like.

We also made it different colors so it would look pretty!

So Far in Technology

Well, I’m sure everybody who has read this blog, knows that I have been putting a lot of work into this blog, but with a lot of work, comes a lot of words.

In the beginning… - No just kidding, but really- in the beginning…

I made a list of the top three places I wanted to study for my job as a Travel Agent.

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Beijing China

After seriously considering what would be the best choice for me, I narrowed it down to Tokyo, Japan, which is also, the best city ever!

After I selected my dream destination, I made a business card, making me even more professional! Of course, you have to have a business card.

What came next after that was I researched the places that Tokyo, Japan had to offer, like some really cool places you had to check out, to get the full awesome Tokyo experience. I selected a few places that were absolutely necessary to visit to know you had a great time, then moved onto what had to happen for you even get there! Guess! Too late~!

I then transferred over to searching for available flights to Tokyo, Japan that you could take. I had a really great time looking at the different flights, and the ridiculous prices. One crazy price I remember is $11,633! No thank you though, I’d be willing to take a bus instead. But see, there’s this problem I need you to help me with…Does anybody know how to get buses over water? No? Okay, never mind.

Let’s move on to the next activity! What we did in the next activity was view the different time zones our locations had. I couldn’t believe Tokyo was 13 hours ahead of us! The way the world is, is quite interesting. We also looked at the weather our destinations had. For me, again, my destination was the one, and the only, Tokyo, Japan! Wow, I just realized that would have sounded so much better if I had a table to stand on, and a red flying cape on my back. Speaking of clothing , like capes, which were oh-so randomly brought up, you had to of course had the appropriate clothes to match the weather! And no, I don’t mean like if it’s sunny and bright outside, you wear a dress made of light bulbs- life doesn’t revolve around you, Lady Gaga, okay?  What I mean by having appropriate clothes to match the weather, is if it’s hot outside, you don’t have on a parka coat- you have on a T-shirt, a pair of capri’s, and flip-flops, or something similar to that!

The latest activity we have accomplished so far was making an itinerary for what we were going to do the first day we arrived at our location. I had a really fun time, and put everything that I wanted to do down on my itinerary, so I won’t miss out on anything epic. Who would want to miss out on anything epic in Tokyo, Japan? Not me!

And this America, has been a not-so-very-but-kind-of brief summary of what we’ve been doing in tech class so far. I can’t wait for what happens next! But actually, I kind of have to.

Take care everybody! Thanks for reading! It really makes me happy knowing you read it. Thank you again~

Time Zones

In Tech Class, we learn many things. However, what we learned today was what time it is in my destination, which would be Tokyo, Japan of course! Let’s show you a bit of what I learned~

  • Tokyo, Japan is 13 hours ahead of the upper east cost.

Here’s the screen shot~ Taken at 2:48

There was also different weather in Tokyo, Japan~

Pertaining to the information given about the weather, if I were to go tomorrow, the type of clothing I would most likely pack in my suitcase would be something light, like maybe a T-shirt, and capri’s or shorts. I would also pack flip-flops. And Maya said “Let the air circulate…through your toes!”

My fashion taste obviously is like, the second worst in the world. First place goes to my sister who wore Steve Urkel suspenders to a date, by the way. But anyway, here’s something similar to what I would wear.


As some very annoying Beyonce msuic plays in the backround, this blog post turns to a close.

Wait- nevermind! Ha, I just tricked you! You were just tricked~!

Anyway, what about next month? Nobody ever cares about next month right? Wrong! Don’t worry October, I still remember you…even thougth you have that ridiculous, meaningless in my opnion holiday called Halloween… But anyway, besides my awesome point on like, the worst holiday ever invented, I’m going to tell you what I would wear in October!

I heard that October’s weather is nice and warm, excluding the great heat, and humidity that September brings sometimes. In this case, I would still pack T-shirts, and instead of capri’s, I would pack some jeans. Also, sneakers would be a great choice.

Also, maybe like this picture, a cute shirt and skirt.

You can’t forget the doggies!

Looking At Flights

 Well, today in Technology, we were looking at different flights. I had a really fun time, and now it’s time to show you what I did!

The cheapest flight from this city in New Jersey, to Tokyo, Japan is-

$1,185! That’s a very good price compared to the outrageous flight that I came across.

The most ridiculously expensive flight I found was-

I was a disgustingly high price of $11,633! Now that’s going to be an empty plane. It’s so annoying how people overprice everything these days. Well, Tokyo, Japan is a pretty- no, very awesome place, but these ridiculous prices should have its limits.

The airline I’m going to fly on would be Asiana Airlines, the cheapest flight of $1,185. It’s cheaper than my guitar lessons I think x_x.

Um, can I like, get there by bike? It might like, take a few thousand years, but I’ll be alright!

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